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a live look outside. wet roadways and brief break in the rain after a major storm soaks the waterlogged bay area. tonight there are big problems in some areas. i'm ama daetz. let's check in with leigh glaser >> i've doppler hd a bit calmer than it has been all day long. you can see the latest returns, the cold front that brought us very heavy rainfall has pushed to the south of the bay area heading towards the central valley as well as southern california, still picking up
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some areas of rain near morgan hill, gilroy, you can see the intensity has started to lessen. a green on the map, more like blue we're looking for some light rain showers moving through that particular area. you can see near santa theresa boulevard hit and miss activity. it was crazy earlier today. look at the rainfall, four inches in some parts. mount st. helena, two inches. inch and a half in half moon bay and close to an inch for san jose. is this it? is there any more out there? we'll take a look at seven-day forecast coming up. >> ama: one of the biggest trouble spots is where parts of the creek is threatening to overflow the banks, it runs through east palo alto and menlo park and palo alto. they have been calling them
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warning of potential flooding in the area. at least several hundred people of east palo alto along university avenue have lost their homes. police officers are driving along neighboring streets and broadcasting warnings to residents. creek is already at least four feet above flood stage. the creek is likely to overflow its banks near the creek bridge. free sandbags are available at airport terminal and also the little league field. in the north bay, heavy rain contributed to this watery mess along highway 121 in the transition in sonoma county. major intersection was closed for several hours. all the water came by from sonoma creek which overflowed. it inundated the vineyards and farmland in the path. >> another part of the north bay was battered, a stretch of stone
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any point road in cotati after a sinkhole closed it for several hours today. sergio quintana has the story. rushing or not from heavy rain, overwhelmed this drainage culvert on stone any point road near cotati. >> water is traveling underneath the pipe creating a cavern and a potential, a sinkhole. >> crews installed steel plates to help support the weight of cars. runoff was posing problems for places like petaluma where the river crept right at this point downtown area. some streets had their sandbags set if the river crept higher. sandbags were on standby on "f" street, water barely squeezed under the roadway. further up the river, will brown and his sons assess water levels from a neighborhood bridge and noticed plenty of debris being rushed down the river. >> it looks like a lot of sticks
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have been coming off from the grass because the water is carrying it away. >> in penngrove the creek jumped its banks and soaked the community park. >> there was water coming in over the panics in the park area itself. i got into the parks but not too high in other areas. >> the wind and rain also made for challenging driving conditions. >> two-car crash on the northbound freeway near san rafael squeezed traffic down to two lanes while emergency crews responded. i'm sergio quintana, "abc 7 news". >> ama: in el sobrante the creek backed up and flood four hopes. this so apian way. the water started flowing into his house. >> in forestville a fir tree fell on a house. power was out in the area for a while. in santa rosa, northbound highway 101, a car rolled over after skidding on the at fault.
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there was one minor injury in that accident. >> the strong and steady storm is pounding the seawall along coastal communities. giant swells in pacifica closed the local pier and wind gusts up to 48 miles an hour kept most people indoors. >> farther north in san francisco, a stretch of the coast highway was blocked off between lincoln and sloat. northbound lanes were shut down as city work crews repaired a dangling traffic light. the storm is a reminder to make sure you are ready for rainy season. make sure have items including batteries and flashlights, extra batteries, three-day supply of food and water and manual can opener. develop an emergency plan for your family are posted at >> a south bay man and his
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daughter are happy to on dry land this evening. two went kayaking this afternoon right in the middle of the storm. a low tide left the two stuck in the mud and stranded for hours. nick smith tells us what happened. >> we just got stuck. it would have been a long time before the tides and storm went away. we were just freezing. >> only minutes before, john paige and his daughter were rescued by the redwood city fire department after an afternoon of kayaking took a dangerous turn. just after 1:00 p.m. redwood fire received a call saying two kayaks were stranded in the water. they conducted a search. with the use of lights they found the two in only minutes. >> i had my iphone and it was charged and waterproof pack. >> he says the water turned against them. first responders say heavy wind and rain can make the waters completely unpredictable. when the tide lode it on they
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found themselves ra trapped. they had a fully charged phone, john and his daughter were wearing the proper safety gear. >> as we were getting closer, he could see the lights and i could see you now. >> with that the crew on the air boat were able to pull the two to safety. they were given dry clothes and athlete for mild hypothermia. leaving john with a new item for christmas wish list. >> one cup of soup. >> with conditions as they are, what made you go out in the water in the first place. he says they have kayaked before the wind and water made it unpredict amp. first responders said they have third rescue they have performed in at many weeks. stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage. we will have the full forecast
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in just a few minutes. >> still much more ahead as we continue tonight, including new worries about a stormy travel nightmare after christmas. the storm is bringing lots of snow to the sierra. how much and what you can expect for christmas skiing. national debate over gun control intensifies. intensifies. lots of prepaid cards
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all this nasty weather continues to cause flight cancellations. there were 45 minute delays at sfo and 20 minute delays for arriving flights. those delays are expected to last until 11:00 tonight. nearly 30 flights have been cancelled today. no cancellations have been reported in oakland or san jose. there are worries about the post christmas travel rush. more storms could snarl air
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traffic in the northeastern u.s. and again here in the bay area. >> the weather is bringing snow and lots of it to sierra. canes are mandatory on all mountain highways. here is a view from donner lake. two tow trucks are only cars on the road. lanes were full of traffic around 67 but cars are moving. it's making ski resorts very happy. a foot and a half fell in sierra and more is adding to the total. a view from heavenly valley resort. we would like you to share your weather video or pictures with us, send them to ureport or share them with us on our facebook page or on twitter. tonight the debate over how to prevent gun violence like the newtown shooting is heeding up. head of nra did not back down from the comments made last week appearing on sunday morning talk shows, he stood by the nra's
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requests for armed guards in school. he says the problem is not guns but criminals that carry out violence. dianne feinstein plans to introduce legislation to reinstall the weapons ban in 2004. >> still ahead, a major work stoppage at some of the area's busiest hospitals. thousands of nurses plan on walking off the job tomorrow. conditions are much calmer than they were earlier today. leigh glaser is up next and when the rain will return in her accu-weather forecast. >> jim harbaugh turned 49 today. colin kaepernick inexperience showed up tonight and 49
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>> ama: tonight several hospitals throughout the bay area are bracing for a one day nurses strike tomorrow. the walkout will affect all of sutter health care bay area facilities in the east bay and solano county including alta bates hospital. sutter says replacement nurses will be brought in to care for patients. the storm watch covering now, member of a club in pleasanton is lucky was in the building as a giant redwood tree crashed through the building. it blocked part of valley avenue. no one was injured and the road is now clear. were starting to get a break now. >> we have a nice break tomorrow before another round sets in as
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we head into our christmas day. nice shot here. i traveled over this span of the golden gate bridge earlier today. i couldn't see my hand in front of my face. yes, things are improving the rain has moved out of the bay area. we're hearing that fog is developing in the protected valley area. great handle on the storm system much of the rain has exited the bay area. we're picking up a little bit of light rain, a little to the east of hollister, also gilroy and morgan hill. i'm going to take you to the sierra because that is where the snow has been coming down. almost five feet of snow above the 4,000 foot level just in the last two days. so, yes, skiers will be able to get there all the way back towards 80 as well as 50 right now seeing some light to moderate snow. impact on some of the localized rivers, most of the streams and
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rivers and creeks in santa cruz county have started to recede and also goes for some of our rivers in the north bay. flood stage is at 32 russian river. it's right now 26 feet. it will crest two feet below flood stage. napa river flood stage is 16 feet and a little up 16.8 feet. then will quicklyarly tomorrow recede well below the flood stage. minor fluctuations, napa river, it's 25 feet and sitting at 23 feet expected to crest at 26 feet. already everything is starting to come down as the rain has started to let up. clearing tonight, temperatures will be cooler, already 46 in santa rosa. 52 in san rafael. 51 in san francisco. san jose, 53 degrees.
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here is a look at the forecast and clearing and cooler overnight. a dry day for christmas eve and more rain christmas day. this is actual frontal system that brought us heavy rain and you can see it pushed its way across the bay area. this is how it was this morning at 7:00 a.m. by 3:00 that is when the severe weather broke out to the peninsula as well as down towards santa cruz and now all of this has moved on to the east. here is a look at timing. we'll look at clearing, you can see 5:00 a.m., clearing and then as we head into christmas day by 7:00, start to see the next system started to advance. this is christmas day and rain spreads across the bay area. we'll continue to see winter storm brewing up in the sierra so another two to six inches of snow along the lake level by early tomorrow morning. a cold night, 30s in the north
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bay. 40s elsewhere and tomorrow enjoy the break with temperatures in the mid to low 50s across much of the bay area. we'll see that big round yellow thing we haven't seen in a while. that will be the sun for a while. rain likely christmas day, showers lingering into wednesday. >> ama: thank you so much. mike shumann is here with sports. we knew the 49ers were going to have tough work today. i was going to tell anybody that colin kaepernick is too inexperienced to carry the 49ers to the superbowl and he was exposed by seattle. jim harbaugh in thinking that can make this work. dallas sets the tempo, two place 35 yards. marshawn lynch, 7-0 seahawks. russell wilson dumps it to lynch 86-yard drive.
9:23 pm
14-0 seahawks. 49ers get a threat to score. he just gets crushed by chancellor. left the game with a concussion. niners get a scoring opportunity chip shot from david achers and stanford man goes 90 yards the other way. 28-6 at the half. this game was over but no one told to seattle. here is two to doug baldwin and another opportunity for san francisco, kaepernick picked off by sherman. 244 yards and one touchdown and pick. seahawks clinch a playoff spot improving to 10-5. and coach, how about kaepernick's play. >> everybody is going to feel the same way, this wasn't good. you can't feel like he coached well or plied well after this one. >> i mean every time you are on
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the field you are learning something. we just have to take what we can from this game and move on. >> packers grab number two with a 49er loss they crushed the titans. this one to randall cobb makes a great catch. packers win 55-7. it's been a long season for the raiders and their fans. this is one of the most incompetent years evident with the loss to carolina. it has radar fans keep coming out. cam through for 27 yards. physical game, carson paul her gets crushed by brady. palmer left the game with a rib injury. league will be handing out fines in this game. he kicked kelly and he missed the kick. kelly was penalize on the play.
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this pick by luke, that is it. panthers only other touchdown. cam new ton a 3-yard run. as they fall 4-11, 17-6 final. >> colts win over the chiefs but jamal made them sbet. he ran for 226 yards including this touchdown. bright future for this man. chiefs down 13-10. winning touchdown in reggie wayne with a 20-13 victory. >> cincinnati grabbed the final berth biobeating the steelers. 24 seconds left. roethlisberger throws his second pick of the game. as you know the interception and josh brown made the field goal with four seconds left. bengals moving on to the
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playoffs for the second time. we'll have more from the 49er more at 11:00. back in the day, we didn't have the u-verse wireless receceiver.
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coming up at 11:00, breaking news tonight of flooding in the north bay and south bay. what you need to know before you go to sleep tonight. plus, unique app that bringing special needs kids. how it is making a big difference tonight at 11:00. >> once again, live doppler 7-hd you can see all is pretty quiet around the bay area as we are not seeing that much in the amount of rainfall. the storm system has pushed to the east and south of us.

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